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Free FETAC training courses to get Dubliners under 25 back to work

category dublin | education | press release author Wednesday January 30, 2013 16:23author by ECO-UNESCO - ECO-UNESCOauthor email communications at ecounesco dot ieauthor phone 016625491

Free FETAC training for Dubliners aged 25 or under

Applications to ECO-UNESCO’s newest initiative, Green Pathways, is now open to young, unemployed job seekers under the age of 25. The six month programme, which is part of the newly launched Momentum initiative, aims to train and progress participants onto employment in the green economy.
Free green training courses to get Dubliners under 25 back to work
Free green training courses to get Dubliners under 25 back to work

Green industry is set to be a key growth sector for Ireland over the next decade. Through Green Pathways, ECO-UNESCO, the country’s leading environmental educational and youth organisation, will train and certify 80 participants, enabling them to take full advantage of green employment opportunities as they arise.

The focus of the Green Pathways programme is to build strong environmental, business, communications and leadership skills. Participants chose one of three pathways: the Green Leader path, the Green Enterprise path or the Green Youth & Community path. Through a programme of intensive learning, work-placements and project work, participants will achieve a FETAC-accredited qualification that will make them uniquely employable in the future.

Commenting on the initiative, ECO-UNESCO’s Executive Director Elaine Nevin said, “Green Pathways is an exciting and ambitious addition to our catalogue of educational initiatives. It’s aimed at getting young people out working and making them employment-ready once they finish. Youth unemployment is a serious problem in Ireland, we have one of the highest percentages of unemployed young people in Europe. Green Pathways will be an amazing opportunity for young people and will provide them with the security of employment in a growing, sustainable sector.”

ECO-UNESCO has been a FETAC accredited centre since 2005 and its headquarters, “the Greenhouse” is a dedicated training building in Dublin. The organisation has developed and provided a range of training courses aimed at up skilling young people in areas such as environmental auditing and impact practices, education and facilitation methodologies, systems thinking and sustainable development practice.

Green Pathways will begin in February 2013.

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author by adampublication date Wed Jan 30, 2013 23:23author address author phone

Nothing about over 25's,oh well..I fear this is a six month initiative to nowhere.
Six months and whats the follow up?

Do they do actual work placement.Or is it ''work placement'',free slave labour for a company for six months..

We already have a lot of those quangos,FAS, SOLAS, and Job Bridge..

All ''work placement'' strategies , with no clear path, only to be used and abused by companies ,cynically to enhance profit margins, for slave labour , ie free workers.

Hardly a sucess story.

author by solzenitzynpublication date Thu Jan 31, 2013 05:55author address author phone

You forgot to mention new proposals whereby the long term unemployed will get to do all the dirty jobs of the local authorities.

A new "chain gang" is born.

Unemployed? Why you scumbag welfare scrounger! You get to shovel shit in the rain in a state gulag,

Sorry, no wages. We gave them as "corporate welfare" to the gamblers in german banks.

Politician wages? sure didn't we get a cut already down to 198k or so including allowances. We are already taking the pain (and the piss!) hypocrisy to see here...move along.

schemes like this are a numbers game. Get them off the live register so we can say the numbers are going down. No proper funding for proper education for unemployed. Just loads of crappy short courses springing up everywhere. Only job created is for the guy running the course.

I guess it's better than nothing, but only just in most cases.

author by adampublication date Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:48author address author phone

Ive been on these schemes and seen people who work on them get no respect from the employers,ive even seen people fired from these schemes,for asking questions,about going outside their work spec ,and doing extra jobs for others,even working outside their hours..
And the complaints service,sent us all a generic letter after we complained our employer of the company in question and supervisor,and we got a generic reply of its not within our remit to investiage this or be responsible for this.
Furthermore these ''jobs'' lead to nowhere,there is no clear employment path,the only reason they have been set up is to subsidise employers with free workers..
Thats the bottom line.

author by Janepublication date Thu Jan 31, 2013 13:56author address author phone

I think the whole point of FAS , SOLAS , Job bridge ,etc ... Are to massage dole queue figures,they dont count ce workers as those on the dole,eventhough they collect their welfare through the job agency..

With job bridge, you get 50 on top of your dole,but by the time you put in travel expenses ,and lunch it will cost ya,and that 50 will not go far..

The whole point of these schemes,is another quango i guess,and to massage the dole figures,make them look like they are doing something productive about the uemployment situation,when in fact it WORSENS the unemployment situation.

Take for example two jobs,from two different companies,one advertises for paid work,the other is occupied by FAS..

See the problem?

FAS is a job blocker,it occupies what could have been a paid job advertised,it robs what could be a paid job from the community

author by joe bloggspublication date Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:36author address author phone

I used to be on a FAS scheme, many moons back.

It was a total pisstake from start to finish, extra moola for smokes and munchies.(But i hear they cut back on the extra FAS money.)

Nobody gave a toss what you got up to on it. I believe quangos like FAS etc, are there to make the government look good , by consigning those on the poverty line , to a life time of poverty.

What is the hope in Ireland for whats left of the paid jobs , only to be nullified and taken up by FAS/Job bridge,and converting paid work , into unpaid work.

Youre right its robbing jobs from the poor.Something we can't afford to do in this recession.

author by Des - nonepublication date Tue Feb 05, 2013 19:43author address author phone

These 'schemes' are basically about manipulating the unemployment figures, with the added benefit of cheap labour.

author by anonpublication date Wed Feb 06, 2013 13:11author address author phone

While it may be nothing new,its completely unacceptable the way people are being used like this.
What really pisses me off about these decrepid dead money quangos,is that they masquerade as ''training courses'', or ''educational'' ,and ''job agencies'',when their sole purpose is to look like they are functioning and give people something to do,when there is nothing at the end of the training period,no job , no hope no nothing,its there to subsidise businesses,and make the government look good when they are quoting dole stats.

author by Chestnut - Observerpublication date Fri Feb 08, 2013 15:13author address author phone

Green and Unesco. Opportunities for people under the age of 25 who have been in receipt of social welfare for a year should invoke ambition, motivation to enter the workforce, to engage in starting up businesses but what can be gathered from the postings is the amount of hostility borne out of earlier initiatives run by FAS.

Solas is the new model in town so let's hope they have taken note of the feedback from people who have in the past been on the FAS programmes and who gained nothing other than a merry-go-round of courses never yielding fixed employment or for that matter creating small to medium term businesses. Solas, we hope have assessed the availability of what was provided by FAS and assessed the downfalls and are now embracing new initiatives that will be target towards motivation within people with an emphasis of getting or creating jobs. ANCO preceded FAS and appears to have trained people more efficiently. People who worked at a trade or craft passed on their knowledge to a new generation who then moved into the workplace, knowing their trade eg painting, carpentry, wiring. Dublin needs a make-over in Green for renovation of Georgian houses, houses built throughout the last century. The EU are geared towards this and Green so maybe they can add more funds to extend this programme to include work place training under supervision.

6 months is a very short-time to train adequately with the emphasis of Green. Climate Change is being spear-headed in Ireland by Former President Mary Robinson and the view is elongated, deliberate and time consuming with a cost to the exchequer. Green sums up where we plan to go but it is all about change at every level from gardens, to construction, to renovation, to public/private transport to agriculture, to tourism and ad infinitum. A token course will create little, and maybe the Indymedia posters are right in saying it will service the two-tier divide where those being instructed will not be respected.

Environmental changes abound. There are challenges we need to face too because all change is not necessarily good change. Water and its shortage could be the global war factor of this century, some say by 2020 the multi-national tech companies now based in Ireland may face problems with water shortages, these facilities consume large amounts. Africa as a continent always faces issues with water with some people walking for miles to supply the homes and needs. Ireland is looking to its potential particularly now as the recession bites deeply, this means companies like Providence Resources are searching our seas for oil and looking for investors to bring that oil to shore. This too, if you look at the chaos caused by oil companies in Nigeria and elsewhere to the environment, will also apply to Ireland. Recently the legislation has changed and we maybe creating vast tracks of land particularly in the midlands for those wind mill like structures that generate wind electricity. This is all about new means of generating energy. Let's hope this Unesco Green course is structured that it creates motivation in the proposed new workforce.

author by joepublication date Fri Feb 08, 2013 21:12author address author phone

These quangos are nullifying what could be paid jobs , up and down the country,it needs to stop.

People need to stop signing up to these decrepid ''job'' agencies..

They do more harm than good for the unemployment situation.

Reading the examiner today,there have been dozens of companies banned from linking up with job bridge.

And about time.

The reasons given were,breaching rules, such as not providing appropriate mentoring, and filling an existing job vacancy with an internship.

Pity they aren't shutting this whole rotten system down.

Ive seen the ''upskill'' courses,most are over ten years out of date..

author by Chestnut - Eco Unescopublication date Sat Feb 09, 2013 15:50author address author phone

Agree. FAS failed to provide a system that ensured people got jobs. The hope is that Solus is a new breed with a different focus so that we can be guaranteed performance related job creation.

Crowdsourcing appears to be the new word on the block. It used to be think-tanks. I hope Solas creates areas similar to the concept of silicon valley, where people meet for coffee, bring along whatever tech gadgets they have, share the knowledge they have with others and create ideas.

Look to our communities. Let the children share with their grandparents or the older generation how to be tech friendly and let the elderly share a little of their wisdom. The old Anco pre FAS was more related to this kind of communication and connection.

author by Comyn - Employmentpublication date Thu Feb 21, 2013 16:34author address author phone

Where are the so-called "One-Stop" shops ie training agencies and welfare in unison?

There is no shortage of office space these days, in fact pop shops are a prompt to Government that action is priority and it can work. Getting jobs these days concerns motivating people and creating opportunities for them. The word chosen is "Intreo" offices and they plan to have them in 62 locations across the country. They say it is an "urgent priority".

This is need to know: People need to be encouraged to gather, to learn, to engage, to seek employment.

Community employment schemes are being curtailed. Where do the people go to get work NOW! Who do they talk to?

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