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Mobilise against threat of war against Iran

category international | anti-war / imperialism | press release author Thursday April 19, 2012 14:03author by Yassamine Mather - Hands Off the People of Iran

On Saturday April 14, Iran attended talks on its nuclear programme with six world powers in Istanbul. In the end, this ‘summit’ was little more than talks about talks - to take place in May in Baghdad. The uneasy stand-off continues and the strong possibility remains of an attack on Iran within months. Indeed, the outcome of the meeting has provoked a degree of cynicism, with press outlets in the US, the UK and Israel pointing out that Syria now seems to have learned the ‘Iran method’ - that is, agree to talks simply to buy time and postpone intervention.

Israel’s so-called ‘frustration’ threatens to boil over - there is no guarantee that it will simply wait. A major Israeli TV station has reported that the country’s air force is psyched up for an attack on Iran. ­A reporter from Channel 10 spent several weeks interviewing pilots and other military personnel at an Israeli air base and remarked upon the palpable sense of excitement they displayed at the prospect of Israel’s first full-scale air campaign in 30 year. Many spoke openly about the “years of preparation” that are now almost over, as the momentum towards military action gathers pace. The reporter, Alon Ben-David, saw “dozens if not more planes” being readied to carry out an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, including F-15 fighter jets, escort planes and air tankers to refuel the squadron en route to its target.

An attack on Iran would be a disaster and threaten to unleash reactionary developments across the region. Hands Off the People of Iran has organised a school over the weekend on April 21-22 to arm comrades in the Workers’ and progressive movement with a thorough understanding of the pressures that are now pushing towards another catastrophic war in the Middle East.

Hopi weekend conference: April 21-22, central London

The danger of a new war in the Middle East is increasing every day. The war drums are beating ever louder, especially in Israel. Hands Off the People of Iran is hosting this weekend conference in order to highlight the dynamics behind the sable rattling. Sessions include:

1. War, imperialism and the capitalist crisis

2. Israel, Iran and the Middle East

3. The political economy of the Iranian regime

4. Solidarity with the people in Iran

Speakers confirmed so far include:

John McDonnell MP
Yassamine Mather (chair of Hopi)
Mohamad Reza Shalgouni (Rahe Kargar)
Moshe Machover, Israeli socialist
Anahita Hosseini (socialist student in exile)
Mike Macnair (CPGB).

Download a leaflet in English and in Farsi.

Saturday and Sunday, 11 am, April 21-22, University of London Union, Malet Street, London.

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