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Paul Williams met with Kevin Tracey today as the Dail debates Planning Corruption

category international | crime and justice | news report author Thursday March 29, 2012 21:11author by Sam Malone


Well known crime journalist Paul Williams met with Kevin Tracey at Government Buildings today while the Dail debated for the last day the outfall of the Mahon Tribunal Report regarding corruption surrounding planning and involving high profile politicians such as ex Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Padraig Flynn. What still needs to be addressed is the unlawful stripping of a full legal planning permission from Kevin Tracey in Dublin. Not only was his legal planning permission taken away from him but he was severely and cruelly punished for standing up for his rights to retain it and build his new house.

Kevin Tracey has legitimately complained for years about the atrocious abuse he has been so wrongly subjected to by the gardai only since he obtained a full legal planning permission to build a new house next door to Judge Michael White, which was taken away from him when the Judge took a case through the courts. He has ample evidence that this same Judge instigated malicious prosecutions against him through his friends in the gardai, principally at Ballyfermot. In fact Kevin Tracey has proved in the District Court that over 31 prosecutions were maliciously concocted by the gardai, dpp and the courts service with the sole purpose of damaging him.

Further details of this terrible story are on WWW.CORRUPTIONINIRELAND.COM

Under current Irish Law Kevin Tracey is entitled to a full investigation under the Commission for Investigations Act. 2004.

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