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Dublin - Event Notice
Friday April 06 2012
07:30 PM

*Good Friday* Benefit Gig for Dublin DIY Venue Collective

category dublin | environment | event notice author Saturday March 17, 2012 15:42author by Nailer Report this post to the editors

Come Along And Get Crucified!

A group of us are trying to get a DIY venue collective off the ground, this gig will take place to raise money for getting our own space in the future and to get the feel of how it will be running such events.

April 6th €8 Suggested Donation Cheap Vegan/Veggie Food at 7.30, bands start at 8.30


The gig will be held in 43 Gardener Lane (some of you might remember it as Gardener Lane Studios).


•Complan Complan:
A group of messers playing your favourite punk covers.

•Fag Enaberz:

•Guerrilla Thrash Disaster:
form a band for the night, play a song, go mental.
-best band wins a bottle of scum rum!



•DJ's after


author by Joepublication date Wed Apr 04, 2012 13:09Report this post to the editors

Good Friday is the most important day in the Christian calender. The one day when no Mass is said. Ordinary people take time out from the busy world to reflect on the meaning of death and redemption. It is a tradition in many famillies to remember and pray for people we loved who have died.

People have every right to critique and critise, even to ridicule, the religion of their parents and of the great majority of the people in this country. However there is a time and place. If you choose to party on Good Friday that is your business; you should however have the decency to respect the faith of others and not use offensive imagery.

I think the people involved in advertising this event, as well as last year's 'Crucifixtion party', are acting out of ignorance rather than baddness, like the US soldiers who recently profaned the Koran. But many people will find this offensive. To try to offend merely for the sake of offending is a silly, juvenile trait, and I hope the promoters of this event will change their tact.

author by leftypublication date Wed Apr 04, 2012 13:40Report this post to the editors

Organised religion in this country has forfeited its special privileges including people's required reverence and respect because it colluded in covering up large scale child rape.

"Ordinary" child rapists and those who facilitate such actions go to prison and lose their rights. However, apart from one or two exceptions, the child rapists in the catholic church and those who covered up for their actions got away pretty much scott free.

Well we won't ever get proper justice for what the church in Ireland has done to our children but In light of what has happened, I think that we need no longer treat these institutions with the respect they used to be treated with before we found out how morally bankrupt they really were at their core.

Furthermore, they cynically foisted the bill for compensation of the people their members abused back on the taxpayers of Ireland (hence partially on the victims) meanwhile they were busy putting their property portfolios into offshore trusts so victims couldn't get at them in compensation claims. Plus their treatment of victims was disgusting.

So as far as I can see, these organisations deserve nothing from us and we should not curtail our freedom of speech or indeed any other behaviour to suit their medievil beliefs which even their own members wilfully ignore while raping children or aiding and abetting while foisting these same ideas about sexuality and criminal behaviour etc that they themselves ignore on the rest of us. Balderdash.

Use any imagery you like in depicting the church and its beliefs I say. Thats freedom of speech in a democracy. If they are offended then let the church take a case using the blasphemy law if it has a problem, then we can get a chance to challenge that piece of shit legislation in court!

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Wed Apr 04, 2012 15:17Report this post to the editors

..this is the way to change things..seems more likely to create reaction than healthy rejection of the church.

And then there is the dubious(and I'm fond of me jar) reminder to stock up on firewater?I'd say alcohol has contributed more to child abuse than all the psycho priests combined...a little less juvenile lads...and its laddism this is redolent of, rather than radicalism. At least look as though there is a cortex at work.

Otherwise enjoy yer pissup...but I'm not sure from the lavatorial humour that ye are of age to be drinking. And Auntie Ethyl never was conducive to thinking..ask the Innuit, Comanche, Traveller, or Aussie Abo...in fact most of us have our own evidence closer to home.

Good luck. Happy hangovers. And maybe while yer shopping for the moonshine pick up a crate of condoms.

author by leftypublication date Wed Apr 04, 2012 15:33Report this post to the editors

I'm not involved in this event, I don't drink and don't condone excessive alcohol use, in fact I make every effort to try and pressure our government to stop selling cheap alcohol from supermarkets. Paddys night was an eye opener. It brought home and reinforced my own opinion that alcohol is destroying the fabric (well, whats left of it!) of our society.

However, Just because alcohol is destroying our society from within, does not excuse the malevolent actions of priests and their abuse of positions of influence and power, nor does it excuse the religious hierarchy both here and in rome and indeed in many other countries, for their actions and their cynical hypocrisy. Which is why I believe deference to such an institution and its silly beliefs is no longer appropriate and that stupid blasphemy law needs to leave our statute books.

religious theories should no longer receive special treatment and should be questioned with the same rigour and respect/disrespect that any other theories about how the universe works are. In that light, deference to them seems pretty ridiculous. And the fact that such deference has served as cover for systematic child rapists makes it doubly ridiculous for such misplaced respect and deference to continue.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Wed Apr 04, 2012 16:00Report this post to the editors

I'm addressing the posted article and its adverting to child abuse. And its apparent emphasis on traditional oirish chemical imbecility. Alcohol, as you know, is a major contributor. And I do believe you are familiar with my reverence for all things religious. I just dont think infantilism is support for children's rights. Nor do I think the level of wit impressive.

My opinion. Enjoy the party. I'm butting out.

author by JoeMcpublication date Fri Apr 06, 2012 15:14Report this post to the editors

[edited by moderator to remove editorial comments]

More dirt from the usual gang

A challenging , provocative , edgy piece of filth to set tongues wagging and sort out the real libertarian sheep from the goats who , unlike us, only believe in freedom of speech half-heartedly . At the same time it will get the punters along to our death head gig paying eight euros entrance . And the punters get cheap vegan food thrown in to the bargain !

It’s starting to become predictable though , isn't it ?- liturgical even . At this stage we usually get some rabid Islamophobe posting something to offend Muslims - just to balance things up, mind you, just to show that this sort of nihilism is really rational with a serious message behind it: that the organizers aren’t sectarian , but are against all religious superstition equally , you see. Then we get a dull sermon from somebody calling himself a humanist or an atheist or whatever .

So ,it looks as if we going to have to put up with this sort of stuff every time that Christians commemorate one of their holy days . Another Easter comes around , forget about the chocolate eggs , it’s time for another crucifiction party with vegan food . As GK Chesterton once wrote - whenever there has been animal worship , it has always been accompanied by human sacrifice .

author by leftypublication date Fri Apr 06, 2012 17:22Report this post to the editors

"So ,it looks as if we going to have to put up with this sort of stuff every time that Christians commemorate one of their holy days"

Well fair is fair. Non religious people are still treated like second class citizens's in this state. We and our children have religious nonsense rammed down our throats from all angles most of the year. People try to get this nonsense into our laws, our schools, and positions of religious power are abused in order to rape children etc. It costs the taxpayer money to pay their "child rape compensation bill". The abuse goes on and on. Surely in response to all that, a little blasphemy, and the highlighting of the nonsensical basis on which this institution exploits our naive superstitious natures is well deserved is it not? It seems to me a few harmless blasphemers, while not particularly sophisticated in their humour, are not really the bad guys here.

author by Wabbitpublication date Fri Apr 06, 2012 18:25Report this post to the editors

Do not worry, there will be vegan chocolate eggs. Made from the best pure chocolate. Adding milk only spoils it.

Dark chocolate eggs

author by wabbitpublication date Fri Apr 06, 2012 18:51Report this post to the editors

poster for the gig.

Bring 3 nails if you want to be put up for the night.


author by leftypublication date Fri Apr 06, 2012 23:53Report this post to the editors

At least they make more of an effort at the Onion! Read it joe, it's funny! ;-)


author by Guardianpublication date Sun Apr 08, 2012 13:05Report this post to the editors

Religious people are more likely to be leftwing, says thinktank Demos

Research undermines commonly held view that faith group members are more conservative


author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:18Report this post to the editors

Try this so


For the days thats in it

author by leftypublication date Mon Apr 09, 2012 15:22Report this post to the editors

"Religious people are more likely to be leftwing"

eh? have you taken a look at the huge swathes of right wing nutjob christians in the US lately.
Leftwing my ass. Rubbish. With a few notable exceptions (quakers / ploughshares etc), Religious people are mostly rightwing nutjobs trying to force their delusional POV on everyone.

author by JoeMcpublication date Tue Apr 10, 2012 15:48Report this post to the editors

In any chart of religious affiliation you’ll see that countries in the continent of South America with high christian populations tend also to be the ones with left wing governments. I read recently that even Cuba has a majority Catholic population . It depends on what you mean by left wing of course. Some would say that no country that allows the hunting of animals could possibly be regarded as left wing . Panama banned hare hunting recently , and this would presumably make that country more left - wing than Cuba from the point of view of opponents of hare coursing.

When the organizers aren’t claiming that the event is in any way a response to clerical child abuse , why does Lefty make such a claim for it ? The poster itself is stylistically the sort of thing you’d expect to see appear after Orange bandsmen had paraded through your town. I saw something like it many years ago on the back of a toilet door in Belfast – that was shortly after the murder of civil rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson. I know several survivors of industrial schools ,none of them would want the publishing of this sort of thing justified by their past sufferings ." Living on another man's wounds" is how they'd describe any attempt to have a rave-up on the backs of what they have been through. All of the survivors I know consider themselves to be Christians as a matter of fact - they see their dog collar-wearing abusers to be the non-Christians.

I don’t think that Lefty should be trying to associate this nihilist piss-up with the brave fight of survivors to expose the Roman Catholic church’s institutional cover-up of clerical child abuse . Lefty should also be careful before using the word “malevolent” to describe the activities of the church hierarchy in that regard. I understand that lefty is probably simply using the word as a perjorative , but it’s also one of the words that the hierarchy itself likes to use to describe the activities of clerical child abusers - other words are “evil” and “sinful”.Survivors tend to use the word “criminal”- a word that the hierarchy likes to avoid as much as possible.

I'll check out that Onion link Lefty , but as for the vegan easter egg goes , I think it would be too bitter for my taste.


author by leftypublication date Tue Apr 10, 2012 16:34Report this post to the editors

"I don’t think that Lefty should be trying to associate this nihilist piss-up with the brave fight of survivors to expose the Roman Catholic church’s institutional cover-up of clerical child abuse . Lefty should also be careful before using the word “malevolent” to describe the activities of the church hierarchy in that regard. I understand that lefty is probably simply using the word as a perjorative , but it’s also one of the words that the hierarchy itself likes to use to describe the activities of clerical child abusers - other words are “evil” and “sinful”.Survivors tend to use the word “criminal”- a word that the hierarchy likes to avoid as much as possible."

Not associating this nihilist pissup with anything. Merely providing reasons as to why we should not be so quick to jump to the defence of this disgusting religious institution every time someone posts something blasphemous. Also taking the opportunity to highlight yet again the utterly ridiculous blasphemy law that exists here on our statutes. It needs to go.

I greatly encourage widespread use of the word "criminal" in the context of widespread church child rape and covering up of same.

Sorry wacky muslim beliefs didn't get blasphemed as you predicted this time around Joe. However time enough for that when the muslim brotherhood take over in tunisia, egypt, libya, syria and start imposing strict sharia on everybody.

author by updatepublication date Tue Feb 03, 2015 19:01Report this post to the editors

" I don't drink and don't condone excessive alcohol use, in fact I make every effort to try and pressure our government to stop selling cheap alcohol from supermarkets. " lefty

It was announced today that the Cabinet has signed off on plans to ban below-cost selling of alcohol products by introducing a minimum pricing unit as part of new measures to tackle alcohol misuse.  

author by updaterpublication date Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:07Report this post to the editors

They've ;been " destroying our society from within" , but the days of cheap cans are now numbered. Health Minister Leo Varadkar's proposals aimed at reducing Ireland's binge culture , will see the cost of a can of beer rise to at least €2.20 . Mr Varadkar is quoted in today's Indo saying : "The days of 15 cans or bottles of beer being sold for €15 is of the past....Most Irish adults drink too much and many drink dangerously."

The Minister of Health's proposals will shortly close off the cheap alcohol sales from supermarkets that have been destroying the very fabric of our society .So far , so good. But ,as Lefty argued in a related comment, as far back as 2012, "population is a more difficult problem to approach and much more thought is needed to find measures that could fairly address the problem." 

Is it too much to hope that the minister - a notable alumini of the Washington-Ireland Program for Service and Leadership- could address this urgent problem next?

author by leftypublication date Thu Feb 05, 2015 13:44Report this post to the editors

If so, he should start with you Joe mc smartarse ;-)

I am growing very weary of you twisting words and taking things totally
out of context in your continual efforts to undermine this website

Go find another hobby, or at least write an informative article
if you are going to hang around. There's a lot going on right now
and if you are a genuine activist, as opposed to a paid agent of some kind
then surely there is something other than indymedia editors that interests you
and that you could write about?.

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