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Ian Bailey Frame Up Is Just One Case - Now What About The Kevin Tracey Frame Up

category international | crime and justice | other press author Friday March 02, 2012 14:17author by Sam Malone - LSG


Congratulations to Ian Bailey who eventually scored a victory in the Supreme Court yesterday, ultimately at a huge cost to the State. The questin is what will happen to the perpetrators of the frame up of Ian Bailey, particularly the Gardai. Surely this frame up can not become another cover up. Minister Alan Shatter you need to take focus of what is going on in the Justice and Legal System.

Kevin Tracey has undergone an enormous personal attack and abuse over many years despite his innocence on all accounts. The perpetrators must be brought to account. Not only has he been the victim but his family have suffered too. He has been particularly abused as a lay litigant in his fight for all wrongdoing against him. I invite all justice seeking persons to read the gruelling account of part

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author by Jimmy Reillypublication date Wed Mar 14, 2012 15:52author address author phone

Have met this man in his protest outside the Dail and believe he is 110% genuine. He is telling a story of very disturbing corruption by very senior people in Irish society. My advice to him is to stick with it and one day soon he will bring the perpetrators to justice. I admire him for his tenacity eventhough all the stress and strain has caused him ill health. Will some decent people come forward to help his and to expose this corruption before it gets any worse?

I have no doubt that the truth will come out one day like Ian Bailey but at what cost to the Tracey family?.

author by Billy Donoghuepublication date Mon Mar 19, 2012 23:50author address author phone

I have read this shocking story on the website referred to. How can this abuse of an innocent man continue in this country where Enda Kenny has faithfully promised that such abuse will not be tolerated. I can only assume that Enda Kenny and Alan Shatter are fully aware of this story? It is shameful and I am losing my faith in politicians who do nothing but make promises, including the Taoiseach. The Tracey family deserve justice for the wrong done to them.

author by alpublication date Wed Mar 28, 2012 21:15author address author phone

Just how exactly was Bailey framed as suggested above? What lies or false evidence was introduced? If anything, the Garda fuck up did him a favour

author by Rational Ecologist.publication date Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:56author address author phone

Bailley may well have been helped by local Garda " fuck up". Not a smart move linking the two cases, imho.

author by Clarence Darrowpublication date Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:50author address author phone

Judge Michael White then took a Judicial Review in the High Court which the Traceys with their legal team contested all the way to the Supreme Court. At all times the Traceys were told by their legal team that they could not lose their legal planning (building) permission. After four years, the Supreme Court gave its judgement quashing the legally obtained planning (building) permission in favour of Judge Michael White.

The legal team should not have given that advice. No solicitor knows how a judicial review is going to turn out in the High Court let alone the Supreme Court..

Did the Traceys get that "legal" advice in writing?

Ian Baileys case is a bit more serious than this.

author by W. Finnertypublication date Thu Mar 29, 2012 13:06author address author phone

"How, for example, could the billions of Euros (believed to be in the region of €62 billion to date) so far paid out by our corruption-ridden and criminal-ridden Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) possibly comply with Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann (the Supreme Law of the Republic of Ireland) requirements, when the people of the Republic of Ireland have NEVER even been consulted, through the use of a constitutional referendum, on the matter of the 'bankers bailouts': relating to the hundreds, and possibly thousands, of trillions of Euros worth of derivatives-gambling-debts which the bankers have thus far self-indulgently (and fraudulently) created for themselves (out of thin-air, from nowhere, out of nothing)?"

The above excerpt is from an e-mail sent yesterday to the Republic of Ireland's Injuries Board.

The full text of the e-mail in question can be viewed at the following Internet address:

Some viewers may be interested to know that the recipient list of the e-mail at the www address immediately above includes Republic of Ireland Justice Minister Alan Shatter TD, and Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny TD.

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author by Paulinuspublication date Tue Apr 03, 2012 20:36author address author phone

having read through that website, only half of the story seems to be told there.

this ultimately seems to be about planning permission being denied, i wonder if the original planning permission was complied with and if not has this just snowballed? there is mention of a supreme court hearing going against him on that website though i cant seem to find any judgment on the courts website.

interestingly there is a judgment of judge charlton dated 29 june 2010. it appears this guy sued two boys aged 11 and 12 for playing football outside his gaff and it also mentions that the district court found him guilty of assaulting one of their parents. seriously what the hell is that about? why isn't that set out on that website?

author by Clarence Darrowpublication date Tue Apr 03, 2012 20:47author address author phone

Theres no conspiracy here. We're dealing with someone who sues young boys. This guy is a neighbour from hell.

An action taken by a couple alleging that 23 defendants – including various members of the Garda Síochána, the DPP, the Attorney General, two judges and some neighbours, among them two small boys – had engaged in a conspiracy to breach their constitutional rights was dismissed as an abuse of the process of the court.


author by Paulinuspublication date Tue Apr 03, 2012 21:59author address author phone

somewhat rhetorical here but seeing as he is banging on about how much tax payers money was wasted in "malicious" prosecutions, i wonder whether he'd be prepared to refund the state the money wasted on that particular legal flight of fancy.

author by Clarence Darrowpublication date Tue Apr 03, 2012 23:26author address author phone

Dont get Phil Hogan to collect it.

Tracey is a classic example of someone who sees the entire world plotting against him. Even little boys are his enemies and are part of the conspiracy. Hes a flake.

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