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Sunday December 25 2011
12:00 PM

CABHAIR Christmas Day Swim 2011.

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An annual fundraiser for the families of Irish POW's.

This coming December 25th will mark the 35th consecutive CABHAIR Christmas Day Swim in the Grand Canal , Inchicore , Dublin !
" I'm gonna have to knee him into the water......" CABHAIR Christmas  Swim , 25th December 2010 , Dublin.
" I'm gonna have to knee him into the water......" CABHAIR Christmas Swim , 25th December 2010 , Dublin.

Hi ! It began - properly structured and organised - in 1976 ,as a ‘fundraiser with a difference’ , combined with the need to gain extra publicity for a situation which was then - as now - making world headlines . Those that sat down together in early September 1976 to tighten-up the then ‘hit-and-miss’ affair were a dedicated team who fully understood that to fail in their business would not only bring derision on them and the issue they sought to highlight , but would give their enemy a publicity coup which they would exploit to the fullest extent . With that in mind , the team persevered - favours were called-in , guarantees were secured , provisions obtained and word dispatched to like-minded individuals in the near-locale . At the appointed time on the agreed day - 12 Noon , Christmas Day 1976 - a soon-to-be 35-years-young event was ‘born’……. The CABHAIR Christmas Day Swim is , thankfully , still going strong and will be , as mentioned , 35-years-young on December 25th next! Sponsored Swim * Christmas Day * 12 Noon * Grand Canal * 3rd Lough* Inchicore* Dublin* Pics and a write-up re the 2010 Swim can be seen at the 'Related Link' below.

All Welcome!



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