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Gay Blueshirt Mitchell becomes Eoghan Harris's candidate

category national | elections / politics | other press author Dé Domhnaigh Deireadh Fómhair 02, 2011 16:25author by Groucho Marx Report this post to the editors

Eoghan Harris tried to run the 1997 election through Derek Nally, former head of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors. He tried to destroy the Mary McAleese campaign by using Nally. That is where Harris's description of McAleese as a 'Tribal Time Bomb' came from. The bomb blew up in Harris's face when Nally found out. He ditched Harris and his political playmate, John Cadden, when he found out that he was a patsy. Nally was an unusual policeman who challenged the Garda 'Heavy Gang' in the 1970s.

The info is here:

Today, Harris wants to run the election through Gay Mitchell, see:

The first outing of the new strategy was on Newstalk today:

It is up to the Irish people to see whether they want the Irish equivalent of the US 'Tea party' to influence their affairs. It will destroy Mitchell, but Harris hopes it will preserve the reactionary separation of northern and southern politics.

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   Double standards from Mitchell     Damien M    Luan DFómh 03, 2011 10:22 
   No way I'd vote for mitchell.     Lefty    Luan DFómh 03, 2011 01:16 

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