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ESB Stopped at Clonmore. Teresa Treacy still defiant.

category national | environment | news report author Saturday September 17, 2011 15:11author by Teresa Treacy Support Group.

"I'll never purge my contempt, and I want the ESB stopped. I most certainly do!" - message from Teresa Treacy, 65 years old, in Mountjoy Womens' Prison.

On Wednesday the 14th of September, concerned individuals wishing to support Teresa Treacy arrived at Clonmore, Tullamore. The following morning the supporters learned that no tree felling would be carried out that week and ESB workers had been instructed to leave the site.

On the morning of Saturday the 17th of September, Teresa rang from the prison to say that her spirits had been lifted by the news. She has her own cell in the prison thanks to the good graces of the prison staff. After her initial shock she is settling in. She said she has no intention of 'purging her contempt' and is calling out for support.
Work stopped.
Work stopped.

It is the ESB's intent to fell trees covering a total 12 acres of land and amounting to 12,000 trees in all, many of which are native species and were hand planted and maintained by Teresa over the years. The end result being a 50m wide corridor permanently severing her woodlands in two for well over one kilometer. It is the intention of the ESB to fill the felling zone with one 20 metre high metal tower, five double wooden poles, a 110Kv single transmission line, and five continuous wires.

Teresa has been attempting to negotiate with the ESB since 2006. She has reluctantly offered a compromise of siting the line underground to no avail. Having spent her entire life as a law-abiding citizen, she has taken the path of peaceful direct resistance as a course of last resort.

In a call from the prison, Teresa has asked for supporters to become actively involved in her struggle to protect her land and trees. Teresa is committed and remains defiant. She has no intention of 'purging her contempt'.

Letters of support can be sent to: Teresa Treacy/ Dochas/ Monthjoy Womens' Prison/ North Circular RD/ Dublin 7/ Eire

To become involved, call Niall on 086 8444966.

For MEDIA, email Teresa Treacy Support Group - teresatreacysupportgroup at riseup dot net

Notes to Editors

1. Both magnetic fields and electrical fields are separate entities with
regard to the health question, even though they often may well work
together to cause the risks.

2. A lot of arguments associated with magnetic field exposure are
contradicted by the fact that people who work in this particular area
don't seem to suffer from many of the illnesses associated with these
fields. The counter argument advances that this is because the brain
secretes particular secretions when a person is asleep that are not
secreted when one is awake. Most folks who work in this area are assumed
not to be asleep on the job!

3. Magnetic fields can strip radioactive particles from the atmosphere
and concentrate them in the areas around overhead lines.

4. Electrical fields associated with high voltage create a corona that
can ionise a very large area (measured in kilometres) around the
conductors. The body is a conductor and radioactive particles can
actually stick to the body due to this effect.

The following are associated with high voltage overhead lines:
Depression/suicide, childhood leukaemia, skin cancer, lung cancer,
miscarriages and many more.

More information here

Damage done thus far.
Damage done thus far.


Crime Scene. No Entry. ESB take note.
Crime Scene. No Entry. ESB take note.

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