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AIB bankrolled clerical abuse

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According to an article in the Daily Mail the Allied Irish Bank gave "loans, guarantees and lines of credit" to the catholic church to enable them to pay more than $400m of compensation to victims of sexual abuse by catholic priests.

The funds were given specifically to pay clerical abuse victims. In US legal circles AIB has now been nicknamed the "Vatican's banking arm"
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author by Serfpublication date Thu Aug 25, 2011 07:51author address author phone

Very interesting. Were any of these debts written off or dumped on the taxpayer??

If so, does this mean we are paying a significant amount of the church's own part in the compensation of victims of it's debauched rapist priests as well as that which was foisted on us by woods and fianna fail's corruption?

The church's actions grow ever more cynical. I thought it couldn't get worse when I heard about them putting their property etc iinto offshore holding companies to avoid paying out on possible civil legal claims from victims it knew full well were going to eventually appear.

"Gee we're really sorry" just doesn't wash any more

Custodial sentences for all involved, rescind the ridiculous limit imposed on compensation payments by "holy orders" and all taxpayer involvement in paying for victims compensation ( they lied so it should be no longer binding ) and confiscate their schools as compensation for the shortfall. These people have control over 90%+ of our primary schools yet the fact is, they should never be allowed near a child in this country ever again. Breaking them financially and confiscating their school property for state schools is the only way we can get out from under the yoke of a debauched corrupt church once and for all

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